M110 Series

M-Line Battery Modules are ideally suited to renewable systems starting at 5 Kw and up to large scale systems

Aquion’s M-Line products are palletized energy storage modules that serve as stand-alone systems or as building blocks for larger systems.

M110-Module-crM-Line Battery Modules are ~25.5 kWh systems composed of Aquion S-Line Battery Stacks in a parallel configuration.M110-Module

M-Line Modules can be connected together in series or parallel to meet a wide range of system requirements.

Modules come equipped with an optional voltage, current and temperature sensing control board and can be connected to an Aquion Energy Battery Monitoring System .

M-Line products deliver extremely long cycle life, deep depth of discharge and excellent abuse tolerance.

These batteries are ideal for the Australian climate due to the wide temperature range from -5 to 40 degrees.

The batteries’ high performance, coupled with ease of integration, safety, and sustainability makes them an ideal choice for long-duration, daily cycling applications including off-grid and micro-grids, energy management and grid-scale services.

Battery Storage systems need to be designed and installed by and Accredited Solar installer and Electrician .

Please consult your Local Installer for system design and the number of S30 batteries required to determine the size of your battery bank.

M110- L083
Cycle Life:3000 cycles to 70% retained capacity
Operating Temperature Range -5 to 40°ambient
Voltage Range 40 to 57.6 V
Nominal Voltage:48V
Continuous Power:8.1kW
Peak Power: 9.6kW
Continuous Current: 204A
Usable Depth of Discharge: 100%
Round Trip Efficiency

Height 1159 mm
Width 1321 mm
Depth 1016mm
Weight 1504 kg